The xx show has been sold out for weeks now. However, to celebrate the launch of our new website we are giving you all a chance to win a pair of tickets!

Here’s how you win.

First, leave a comment in the comment section below with your thoughts on our site. What do you like? What would you add? All comments are welcome!

Second, RSVP to our facebook contest event here. (CLICK HERE)

We’ll announce the winner Friday at 10 AM.

Good luck!

231 Responses to Win VIP tickets to the sold out XX show

  1. col-

    I REALLLLYYY want to go!

  2. Red Scofield

    X X Contest… fo sho!

  3. col-

    The site is GREAT!

  4. bjzm84

    yes yes yes one more chance to get tikets

  5. John Barker

    Xcellent new site! I like the photos! I love to see you connect to your audience and community!

  6. Christopher Luna

    This new site kicks ass!

  7. New site looks good! RSVP’d on FB for the contest!

  8. Melissa Muenzler

    I don’t really have any complaints with the site overall. It’s really easy to navigate and I like the feed for upcoming shows. My only critique would be that it can appear a little busy with so much stuff in so many colors on one page, but that isn’t a deal breaker by any means.

    That said, GIMME THOSE TICKETS!!!

  9. cool website, chappies!

  10. Jacel92

    I want some tickets!!! xD

  11. Jessica Liva

    I LOVE the XX. I have been wanting to see them since the roo! It would be amazing to win!

  12. the xx is far by the most amazing band. from sound to style. there amazing and will be another band to add to the amazing granada theater =D

  13. I love that you can automatically filter which genre of shows you want to see, it ties in really well with your emailing list. Only change I can think of is if you could make it so clicking the artist’s photo would launch the audio player for that artist it would be great!

    I want to see XX sooooooo bad I could dance! Yay Granada!

  14. The new site is beautiful!!! I love the fans as the background image and love all these opportunities to win tickets to shows!! Too bad my boyfriend and I missed the chance to get tickets for The XX. He loves them. Post pics!!!

  15. Jessica Liva

    oh my bad i just realized what the contest said! I love the new website it’s fun and vibrant!

  16. Alyssa

    Love the new site, especially the calendar and quick show links!

  17. Cathy

    I love the Granada and I love your new site! Thanks for being such a great venue!!!

  18. kstalley

    new website looks great- hope I win the tickets to the XX!!

  19. Claytor

    The new website is fantastic! Really dig that quick tickets bar. I would probably add an option that lets me get into the Joanna Newsom show for free, though. Just my professional opinion.

  20. vincent andrew salazar

    That’s my birthday! and I love the group, the song islands and crystalized are my favorite songs. also like heart skipped a beat and night time.

  21. The website is great! The only thing I’d suggest is that I’d love to see more contests!

  22. Rory Hoy

    Nice, I like it!

  23. David E.

    Love the revamped calendar, and that actual set times are listed for upcoming shows!

  24. Sara T

    who has tix?


    love the black on the background!! makes the text pop out more!!!
    love it!! SOOO MUCH TO READ ABOUT!!!

  26. the new site looks nice. aesthetically the three columns are a little overwhelming but it could be cause i am used to the old site.

    i do love that all the information i want is right there in my face and i don’t have to scroll around or dig around the site for answers.

  27. Brian

    The site looks much better.

  28. danielle halikias

    love the calendar view and the provenance of the artists. good job with the new website!

  29. Matt

    To be honest, it’s kind of cluttered. The other one was really easy to scroll through, this one kind of jams as much as it can in your face.

    I like the new nav, though. And photo galleries are easier to find. Plus, it’s nice to not have that player start the second you load the page up.

  30. LOVE the set times! Good work guys!!

  31. Sara T

    the photos are A+!!

  32. Margot G

    So pumped for the show and his solo work! I can’t wait to see the Granada on Friday!!!!

  33. Tia B

    Loving the new look! Definitely my favorite venue!

  34. Jesse Neargarder

    Site looks fantastic!!!

  35. Amber :0)

    all i have to say is WOW!!! this is a massive improvement– such a neat venue now a website to match!!! woot-woot!!! PS i HEART the XX…..and would be the happiest girl ever to get to go!!! loads of hugs and kisses

  36. Megan

    Cool new site! Would love to go see the xx!

  37. jaimeson Noz

    love the flow of it and its so much more user friendly. more update when it comes to the design layout. like it lots!!!

  38. Katee Parker

    I love the site! I used to come on here almost everyday to look at shows and get info on things. I really like the change. It’s super easy to find the shows i’m lookng for, the menu and find pictures and the videos from shows.
    Thanks Granada! You’re my favorite venue!

  39. Torri

    Wow, lovin’ the new site! Pick me for XX tix, yall!

  40. Matt

    lookin good g-theat!

  41. Jake Harm

    Love the site, Love the contest idea, LOVE LOVE LOVE THE XX. “Underneath and Unexplored Islands and Cities I have been” looking for tickets everywhere and can’t find any!!

  42. col-

    Love the genre filter, layout is functional, home page a little busy, one odd thing is that bottom half inch of each page is blocked with a streampod application launch strip…cant figure out how to get rid of it, but I am sure it is me. Big leap in usability and information. Well done!

  43. Jochy

    awesome new site!!! wanna see the XX!!!!!!!

  44. G Gilley

    i would do almost anything to see them…one of the best bands going right now

  45. Bobby Blackburn

    Love me some XX and Granada!

  46. Angie Skinner

    Love The XX! Would love to be at this show. Love The Granada Theater. One of the best place to see a show in town!!!!

  47. Jonathan Huie

    Digging the new site. Like that set times are featured here before the show date. Awesome, Great Job!

  48. G Gilley

    the site is great, i like everythin on here, much easier. I wouldnt change anything. Id love to go to this concert

  49. Amy Cooper

    Love The XX. My gf and I bought them on vinyl like 7 months ago. Awesome new site. And as always, we love The Granada as we seem to be there pretty frequently for shows.

  50. Danielle R.

    everything on the site is straight-forward and easy to find. if i added anything, it would be photos of granada-goers in action. not that you need a photobooth, because i think it’s way overused and the granada is waaay cooler than that, but it seems like the observer and others are always staked out taking photos at shows and it would be cool to have them posted here as well.

  51. The only thing sexier than your new site is XX!!!!!!

  52. Tina

    pretty slick. i like it!

  53. Jessica

    Good looking website and easy to navigate!

  54. Isaias Aguirre

    Please, I need a pair of tickets so bad…

  55. Its readability is improved. The pertinent rock show info stands out better now that it’s not attached to an image of the band.

  56. Steph Arrieta

    Lovely site! Definitely better than before.
    And, my roomie and and I would love to go to the XX!

  57. Nicholas

    I need another ticket for my date!

  58. Cresencio

    Love the new site almost as much as I love The XX and the Granada. Also I love the fact you can buy your tickets right from the site!!

  59. Michael Schober

    Definite improvement on the site!

  60. Jason

    I like the updated site! The calendar view makes it a lot easier to see the upcoming concerts at a glance.

  61. Daniel Kalbacher

    Really dig the new site. It’s a lot slicker and more professional looking than the previous one and the “see how many tickets are left” function is fantastic. That’ll definitely help me with future ticket purchases.

  62. Paul Davenport

    I love the new website. Everything seems easier to find, and I love the graphics.

  63. Kristin

    Love the new site! Congrats on a great launch! Really liking the calendar feature – very easy to use. Also like the photo slider, although, you may want to optimize future photos – they’re a bit slow to load. Great job!

  64. Klarisa Perry

    The new site is fantastic! The Granada is truly one of the best venue’s I’ve ever seen shows at. I would love to see XX… seeing as how they are sold out. Hope to win!

  65. Brandi P

    I’d probably keel over backwards if I won this.

    PS – Really like the new website.

  66. Caria

    Awesome new site!! I WANT THE TIX TO XX!!

  67. Katelin Ferrell

    I love the new site & the xx!

  68. Jason Cody

    Good work on the new site. XX FTW!

  69. Laura Pattee

    The website looks great! Thanks for the opportunity to win tickets. I would love to go to this show!!!

  70. Tayo

    Your new site looks great. Saw the XX at SXSW and they were awesome. Even got a chance to talk to the chick in the group. She was nice and told me that even though it may sound like it, the album was NOT a concept album. The songs just fit together nicely.

  71. Seth Scherm

    New site’s pretty sweet, well done Granada! I especially liked the calendar and actual band set times listed. My only critique is that I wish you could go back farther to see past show photos. XX is foreal!

  72. asn5150

    Love the new site!

  73. It’s about damn time. This site looks way betta.

  74. Lacey

    The new site looks great! Thanks for doing amazing contests like this one.

  75. Famos

    The Granada is one of the best places in Dallas for a show, like the Cains Ballroom in Tulsa, the last places you can still get so close to the bands..like the XX ! We live nearby and walk to shows, love it !

  76. Omar Rodriguez

    I’ve never been to a concert before and it would blow my mind to lose my concert virginity to The XX at The Granada!

  77. Andrea Rios

    Really love the new site. Very user friendly, nice overall layout. Love sorting by genres, makes it alot easier to see which shows I’d love to see! Haven’t come across anything I’d like to see changed.

  78. noel pipkin

    Absolutely love the site! Looks so much better than the old one. I wouldn’t put all the events on the front page as they are. But rather show only the upcoming ones or ones going on sale and then list the rest of them in a list with no pictures. But I love the site.

  79. Jon Huddleston

    Looking good guys!

  80. Jasmine

    The navigation on the new site is a million times better. Really, a big thank you for revamping the whole thing. I don’t particularly have any suggestions than the front page looks a tad bit busy with information.

    I’m not going to beg to see The XX, we all know they’re amazing. I’m just kicking myself in the ass for not buying my tickets when I had a gut feeling they would sell out.

  81. Jason Hensel

    The site looks great and is easy to navigate.

  82. The site is only as amazing as your level of fan engagement is. And so far you’re doing a brilliant job with all of the social media usage you’ve been doing for the past so-many months. Now, if you’ll just give us more multimedia content (literary posts, audio, video, pics, etc.) within your blog posts that actually contain entertainingly substantial content, you’ll be on your way to making GranadaTheater.com a daily destination.

    In other words… Do as much as you can of what KCRW.com does and you’ll beat the crap outta all the other bullshit, corporate venues in Dallas. ROCK ON…

  83. stephanie luna

    Nice work guys! Love the site!- Here I saw, That’s the risk I’d take (gimme those tickets)- I’ve been waiting too long to give this up (gimme those tickets)- Don’t want to get Left waiting outside your door (gimme those tickets)- I was sure You’d give me more (tickets)- But I’m sure, I’m sure you’ve heard it Before (gimme those tickets)- But U, you just know- you just do (I NEED THOSE TICKETS!!!) ;)

  84. Eron

    First off, I think the site is very attractive and well organized. I am not a big fan of having 3 uneven columns of information. It makes the page appear a bit overwhelming at first glance. After getting past that initial glance though the website is practical and simple to use. That said, it is horrible to use on a smart phone. Please make a mobile site for smart phones.
    I would love to win the XX tickets.

  85. Anna

    The site is much better than the old one. I would love to go to The xx show. Keep rocking!

  86. Tiffany Karasienski

    Love the new site, easy to find information and fun to look at!

  87. Robert Kirkpatrick

    Digging the site. It’s better than I can do. Don’t really have much to add, except that the videos and galleries get kinda lost at the bottom of the page (even though there’s a link at the top). But there’s lots of information on the front page, so that’s understandable. Easy to navigate, all pertinent information right at the top.

  88. Juan Facio

    The new website is total-modern, with a style that coincides with the uber-cool that is Granada theatre. I have always said this is my favorite venue in town for being so eclectic and with an awesome staff, and now the website follows suit in being so hip, but not in the hipster kinda way. I am an email subscriber so I am constantly on the site, and attend shows here more than any other venue in Dallas. In fact, I was just on here today to check out the times for today’s Neon Indian show and I was yelling to my friend, “OMG! They changed the website!!”

    Likes: The style and design is easy to follow, and looks officially like a music website.

    There is a precise itinerary for each show, a definite plus!!

    The site is also easier to navigate, with a column for each category on the homepage, versus the one long column on the old one.

    The colors are really chic, and definitely 2010.

    Thanks Granada for keeping it FRESH!!

  89. Jessica Reynolds

    I like that it says XX sold out, and that we can win tickets. P.S., y’all are awesome.

  90. Brandon Hebert

    The new site looks great! I really like the three column view (1 big and 2 smaller ones). Oh, and I’d really like to see the XX :) I RSVP’d on Facebook as well. Take care!

  91. Steve

    Awesome site !

  92. Monica

    Since we had to cancel our trip to ACL this year, it would be so GREAT to win these tickets!!!

    • Monica

      I came over from the FB page and didn’t realize that my comment was supposed to be about your new page…
      So… I think the new page is great – so much easier to find who is playing.

  93. Debi Marshall McGill

    The site is soooo much better. Much easier to navigate, load times are much quicker. Thanks for the improvements!

  94. Libby Reyna

    I missed them at Bonnaroo, would love to see them at my favorite venue!

  95. Rebecca

    I love the new website and the XX!

  96. Sabrina

    The site looks great!

  97. Tyler Fuller

    Functionality is mint.

    The fluro accents make the site look like a tad… chav. Gross.

    By and large, I don’t particularly care, however. Everything I’d use the website for is adequately covered by Facebook and email updates.

  98. Emily Conner

    Love the idea of the Granada website. It is very easy to read and navigate. If I were to add anything it, would making the comment box at the top of the page versus at the bottom. Overall the site looks great! I would love to win XX tickets!! Thanks!

  99. Hunter D

    Website is rad, and me going to this XX show would be too… hook it up!

  100. April Martinez

    I hope I win but good luck to everyone!

  101. Faith Socall

    I love the color scheme of the new site as well at the Featured Community Friends. The genre drop down for upcoming shows is really a great took! I do kind of miss the simplistic layout of the last website but adjusting should be easy!

  102. Angela

    Some things I dig are the appearance of the “Granada” sign – it automatically hits you and catches your eye just as it does driving down Greenville – the spot-on descriptive subtitle, and the quick accessibility of the tickets to the shows. I think it would be nice to incorporate the colors of the actualy vertical sign on to the site to make it more iconic and recognizable.
    The Granada Theatre is awesome and I’m glad the XX are playing here, and I’m happy to help the Granada stay spiffy to keep the music alive through these suggestions.

  103. Just heard the remix of VCR by Four Tet. Super cool. Sure would love to see this show. Thanks for all you do.

  104. Emily Wright

    I won’t lie, I don’t have much time to look at the site right now because I am about to head out to grab something to eat before Neon Indian but… i REALLY want xx tickets! (and will check the site out again later)

  105. Art Stivison

    The site looks great! What an improvement!

  106. Lola Conrad

    This new website is the coolest:) Describing it as “ground breaking” would be an understatement.

    I love the stream pad feature and it is totally easy to Navigate.

    I HOPE/PRAY I win the XX tickets…The Show is on MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. John Parry

    I wouldn’t change a damn thing! It’s perfect as it is!

  108. Pollinator

    Much improved, nice work!

  109. Daniel Nguyen

    The new website is alot cleaner and free tickets to XX would make it better!

  110. Lorna

    the site looks great!

  111. sky splawn

    Site looks really nice, the big images in the background are awesome. My only complaint is they take a little bit for me to load, but my connection is absurdly slow too.

  112. Erin Gordon

    The site looks its best since I’ve been visiting it for the last few years! I’D LOVE TO SEE THE XX.

  113. Christine

    XX tickets please! Duh!

    (ps-nice site!)

  114. Robert Kelly

    I figure I’ll take a shot. Dig me some XX

  115. Marlene

    Great website! More videos would be awesome and also easier navigation when buying tickets.

  116. I love the XX make me a winner

    PS. the new web sight is dope

  117. James Trammell

    man. can’t get much better than The XX at The Granada.. too legitimate to quitimate.

  118. Gabriel

    Wow, the new site is great! The only thing I could think of adding is a parking pass for the lot out back. Again, great site!

  119. Melissa Brenner

    i have mass xx for xx……

  120. drex

    the new design is a vast improvement. sleek and clean immidietly come to mind which is in stark contrast to the previous design. the navigation is much improved and smoother. information is concise and much easier to digest. The steampad music player should integrate nicely into the whole layout. Bottom line the new site is a massive improvement. Good job.

  121. Cordell Cunningham

    I really like the new website but I miss being able to play songs by artists from upcoming shows!! I see a streampad bar on the bottom of the page but when I “Click to play all audio posts” it says that no songs are listed :(. Otherwise, everything is a big improvement on the old design :D

  122. Ben Swinney

    The website looks great. Great design, very clean and all the right information where it can be easily accessed.

  123. Katharine

    the new site is looking great, very easy to navigate! I LOVE The XX and would really like to see them!!!

  124. Katharine

    I LOVE The XX, i REALLY want to see them!!!

  125. Chris

    Let’s do this

  126. Michael Cordova

    Absolutely love the Grananda, just saw Cocorosie and the XX are next, I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tickets Please!!!!!

  127. Omar Elsehety


  128. Paul Chin

    Easy site to navigate. Love the picture backgrounds. Love the “GGW” tips for artists I haven’t heard of. “Buy tickets” link in calendar for The XX show is a dead-end, maybe need to look out for in sold-out shows. Need to get the shop up and running – I want a t-shirt. Overall – great job!

  129. Elizabeth Evans

    The new site is awesome! I LOVE the look & how easy it is to navigate!


    (P.s. I REALLY want to win those tickets! ;) )

  130. Great site update, much easier to navigate!
    Love the Granada, and would love to see the XX there!!!

  131. Zedric

    The new site design is awesome. It has a much cleaner look. The added features moves this already bookmarked site higher up on my favorites list. Great job!

  132. Judy

    The site looks a lot better, very sleek! Much more friendlier to the eyes than it used to be.

  133. adrienne

    New website looks great!! The band overviews are easier to read and the calendar was a much needed addition. but I would like to see either a link or a rollover feature on the calendar pertaining to each of the bands. Keep booking great bands.. I Love the Granada! 8)3

  134. Jacorie

    the re-design is more modern and easier to use. also, i want tickets please.

  135. Justin Rouhier

    The new site looks, well like it should. Some how you guys have managed to create a site that holds true to your local status, while still looking professional. The new calendar is nice, but don’t rely too much on it. Most of the people I know like the old site because of your original presentation of the bands, ie… pictures, sounds like, music links etc… (which you have done an excellent job of incorporating into the new site). My favorite new feature is the quick tickets. Usually I know what I’m looking for when I come to your site. The new app. will help me reach what I am looking for much quicker. Thanks for all of your hard work!

    P.S: I don’t have a facebook, and don’t plan on getting one. enjoy the show!

  136. Love the site, easy to navigate. Love the backgrounds on each page more than anything though! Add some color to the bottom page links! :)

  137. KPA

    Nice work Granada!

  138. Brandy Chandler

    Cool! Lots more info!
    Gimme tix!!!

  139. Jessica Ballew

    The new site looks great — it’s much easier to find the info you want now. Plus, I happened to love the XX.

  140. Melina Cortez

    The light in my mind is little without the humble guidance of your sound

  141. Ben Green

    …And we became a fabulous opera

  142. Ray

    Great new website. Seems like the right step. I always looked forward to your emails but now it’s convenient to check out granadatheater.com XX Tixkets.

  143. Ray

    Great new website. Seems like the right step. I always looked forward to your emails but now it’s convenient to check out granadatheater.com XX Tickets Por Favor!

  144. Kelly McCall

    I love the Quick Tickets drop down box!! It makes things super quick and easy.

    I thought going to this show was “out of reach, but I’m sure, I’m sure you’ve heard it before.” I thought I’d be “left waiting outside your door” missing out on the xx show. Then I saw the Granada Theater’s post on Facebook and my “Heart Skipped a Beat” thinking there might be a chance that I could actually go to the show!

    Pretty PLEASE! I need those tickets!

  145. cad

    Oh yeah! count me in for sure!

  146. Jacob H.

    love the new layout…very fresh! lookin’ forward to winning these tickets. the show sold out before i had the cash for tickets.

  147. Katy

    Congrats on the new site!

  148. Kim

    The look is a bit too Myspace-esque in my opinion. However, the separated modules give the site a clear sense of organization.

    XX me, please. :D

  149. The new website is looking a lot more fresh than the old; I’m glad the green is gone (although it’s my favorite color)! The banner looks nice, too. :)

    The XX also looks nice, but I bet they’d look better live and I would LOVE TO HAVE THOSE TICKETS!

    Thanks, Granada AKA Best of Dallas!

  150. Antonio Gonzalez

    I love the new website in the way that it’s more interactive with its users and provides a lot more feedback related to shows and the venue then ever before. Right off the bat the homepage shows up and coming shows and what you can expect from the Granada. The only problem that I can encounter is why you haven’t put the site up this way since the beginning. shame shame

  151. Luis Noble

    Great website. I love how clean and sleek it is. The format is a lot better – less scrolling. Beautiful. Love the color palette. It’s very fitting for the feel of the venue.

    Would love to see the XX, such a phenomenal group. I play their album all the time. “Crystalized,” ftw.

  152. The redesign of the website looks fantastic. It’s much easier to maneuver and I love the background photo. The Granada is my favorite venue and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the XX on Friday.

  153. Hayley Gerda

    The new site is kickin’. Love the layout for bands, purchasing tickets, and how you finally got all the photos organized instead of having to browse FB.
    Good job guys!

    Oh, and did I mention I would do just about anything (aside from paying $100 on CL) for a ticket?

    Every time I see a show at Granada I end up buying 2 tickets to at least 3 shows that are coming up, I don’t know how I managed to miss the XX.

  154. Brian

    I’ve been on this website many times and it seems that this upgrade is by far the best. If I have any new ideas of what is missing I’ll be sure to post another comment. Keep the indie artists coming and all of the people shall arrive.
    Thank ya’ll.

  155. Leslie Ryan

    I absolutely LOVE the “Goes Good With” comparisons. I always read and follow these because they’ve introduced me to so much fantastic music. Lots of which are now my favorites. Thank you :)))))

  156. Rachel Kittrell

    The site definitely seems a lot less cluttered now. Very hip, eye-catching layout. Love the new look!!

  157. Christopher Griffin

    I actually have no complaints at all about the new site. The Calendar function is the best thing to happen to the Granada since The XX announced they would play there!

  158. Easy enough hoops to jump through for VIP tkts! The new site is awesome and lots of great new stuff. Can’t wait to see the XX – thank you!

  159. Scooter

    I’m really loving the new site, especially the calender!!! A minor thing that I think would be cool to change is make the background fixed so that it scrolls with the page. It’s a personal preference thing though :)

    Anyways I’d really love to see the XX they’re amazing!!!!

  160. Hutch

    I like the new site … Much better organization than the old one!

  161. Michael Schueth

    The XX is so lovely. I would love to see them live and in person. It would really add to meeting Kirsten in front of the Granada and talking Marie Antoinette. Let us eat XX.

  162. Lindsay Joiner

    The new site is amazing<3 It's Colorful, creative, and i love it. it makes me want to go to tons of concerts here(: (including the xx) (: But i think the website improved, and is incredible. <3

  163. Andrew Sohn

    I love the new layout.
    Much much more easy to navigate.

    It’d be nice if you didn’t have to scroll down on the calendar page though, and it was all on one. Then when you go to the next month you don’t have to keep going back up and down. No big deal though. Minor hangup.

  164. Kaitlin Simmons

    lllluuuuuuvvvvvzzzzzzz it

  165. Joy

    i knew this show would sell out, i wanted to make sure that i could go before buying tickets. i checked the site regularly to make sure there were tickets available. i found out that i could go, went to buy tickets, ya’ll had sold out. i saw some available just a couple of days before. devestation

  166. it’s a pretty cool site. i would add some flash animation. i love that crap. but ya its an ok site. you did an ok job at grabbing the essence of being inside the granada but i think you should make the huge painting on the granada ceiling the background picture. I NEED TICKETS lol

  167. Delores Blakely

    I like the site overall. It’s easy to navigate, I like how it’s organized. The only constructive criticism would be to simplify the home page, it feels a bit busy for me. I would love to win the tickets! Thanks so much.

  168. Felicia

    I like the black background and color scheme, not distracting against the flyers. I would put the search bar above the ‘Just Announced’ side bar, that way the front page where all the flyers and info will be the main focal point. Too much negative space where the Search bar is.

  169. kudos on the site!
    totally dig it way smoother, but called me old fashion i liked the old one just cause it went straight to the calender….
    <3 but love it!
    p.s. i should totally get those tixs for the simple fact i know it would be magical!

  170. Thiry

    The site looks great! I would add more Polyphonic Spree concerts for sure.

  171. Daniela Cruz

    hmmm thursday is my friday, friday is my saturday.

    hope to win these tickets, sold out broke my heart.

    but YAY XX for visiting TX either way :]

  172. Cheryl

    This new site is very professional looking! Easy to navigate and I’ve been able to find what I’ve looked for. Nice work.

  173. Missy

    Dear Granada, you are my favorite venue in the whole wide world. If I get to see The XX on Friday I will be loyal to you for the rest of my life! Much love

  174. Erin Wolfe

    I love this band! I would love to go see them live!

  175. jc

    This site is lookin’ good!!

  176. Ian

    Great site guys! I like the interface, the high-contrast color scheme for easy reading, adding community interactivity through comments, and the set times now posted for each show.

    I’d really love to win a pair of tickets to the xx. My girlfriend is a huge fan of theirs, and we’re about to move and may not have a chance to see them for a long time.

  177. Andrew

    It’d be nice if the upcoming shows had a up and down button at the bottom too.

  178. Missy Friday

    Dear Granada, you are my favorite venue in the whole wide world! If I get to see The XX on Friday night, I promise to be loyal to you for the rest of my life!!!!! East Dallas love <3

  179. Brian Elmore

    Genre sorting is a great feature! It would be cool if you could listen to every act on the bill.

  180. I’m digging the site. It’s got a nice color palette. Things can get really distracting when a site overdoes it on color and special effects, but you guys did a good job at keeping it simple, but spunky. The quick tickets section is super convenient for when you just want to see at a glance the names of bands coming without the dates and biography. Also, awesome photo gallery idea, although I had a little trouble viewing the pictures. They came up as url addresses instead of the actual photo. Great concept though! The site has an urban feel to it; very welcoming.

  181. New website is rockin’ guys! Sooooo, pick me cuz I love you like a fat kid loves chocolate. I support you guys all the time via twitter & FB.

  182. Monica Fannon

    Best. Website. Ever.

  183. The XX was the 1st band I saw at Bonnaroo 2010. I had never heard of them and didn’t know anything about them. My friend drug me along and the show was great. I would love to see them again! This time I can appreciate how awesome they are!

  184. B

    i like what u did with the place!!

  185. Adam

    Aesthetically, it reflects the vibe of the venue – and, given the “Best Venue to Catch a Live Show in Dallas” title, that’s not easy to harness.

    Space provides definition – be it on a website or the song structures of The XX. The simplicities yield an end-product much more complex and dynamic. The website is user-friendly and easy on the eyes – it all comes together – its “Crystalised.”

    Good work, ladies and gents! I defintiely dig your work. As for the tickets, well, that would make my month. Either way, thanks for your work – you give us all a place to feel alive and well.


  186. Jon H

    Looks Great!!

  187. Trey

    I wanna win some tiXX!!

  188. Jeff

    I like the overall layout of the site. However, I wish there was some sort of search option so I could specifically look for things. That would make navigation much easier. Otherwise, great work!

  189. Logan Kelson


  190. lupe zacarias

    rsvped and the xx’s remixes are good too my favorite is the magic wands the warrior.y

  191. Karey

    Awesome new website! More compact and easy to maneuver. Good job! Oh, and would love to win the tix! =)

  192. Jackie West

    Love the new calendar layout, miss the music player but glad to see artist previews still under more info. Sometimes I’ve never heard of someone and Granada shows have clued me in on several of my new favorite artists.

  193. lupe zacarias

    oh yeah you new site looks very clean and fresh!

  194. Klarisa Perry

    I’m really diggin’ the new website. I like the upcoming show feed. It seems fairly easy to navigate and it’s very attractive to the eye. It really pulls you in and gets the point across that The Granada has ALOT going on!!! Thanks for being the best venue in Dallas and thanks for always giving us opportunities like this!

  195. Jose

    the site looks great – can’t wait to check out the XX while drinking Dos XX

  196. Monetta Johnson

    The website is great, I like the interactive feel of it and the graphics layout. Add more music clips to spotlight the upcoming featured talent maybe. Overall, it is wonderful, keep up the good work and dedication!

  197. dave lane

    I would do xx rated things for these tickets

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  199. Duncan

    please please please let me get what i want.

  200. Bryan Turner

    20,000 people saw XX at Lolapalooza. The Granada venue does not do intimate justice!! Best theatre in Dallas!

  201. Courtney

    I’d never been to the granada until last month! I saw Sarah Jaffe for the first time and absolutely loved the venue (and pizza!)! My favorite thing about the website is the ‘Sounds like’ feature. It has introduced me to so many new bands! I’d really love to go to the xx show and get my jam on! Thanks!

  202. David Martinez

    i love your website. i’ve never been to the granada, but from the lineup of talent i see, i can tell you guys have a great musical curator.

    …and pick me to win these tickets , because it would really score me romantic points with my new gf(the xx plays 2 of our songs).

  203. Mariah S

    I’m loving the new page. It’s more visual appealing to the viewer, and is very user friendly. The only suggestion I have is on the concert calendar adding the “Goes with” or “sounds like” bands somewhere with each act like you used to on the event listings. –Plus, I really hope I win the XX tickets.

  204. Martin

    Really like the new website (no changes needed), but also like the other strides Granada has taken lately. The Facebook page is really great about posting updates, the (somewhat) recent posting of professional-quality concert photos, and particularly the new addition of concert art/posters. Granada has always been my favorite venue in Dallas, but these additions have helped to create a more complete experience then just going to the shows. Hi five, Granada. Hopefully you can make room for me at the XX show tomorrow night. And hopefully they’ll do their covers of Teardrops and You’ve Got the Love.

  205. The new site looks and feels much more exciting and vibrant. The site really feels fully integrated with social networking and is very user friendly.

    The “Sounds like” feature is a real plus for a venue such as yours which brings many smaller and less well known artists to the attention of the customer who is more keen to appreciate them. It’s a very symbiotic relationship.

    My only complain would be to make the Events Calender a little more accessible, as that is certainly a focal point for many site visitors.

    Great work guys :) Here’s to being the best place to see live music in Dallas!

  206. Sam Kincaid

    I like to party!

  207. Jake Jordan

    The site looks great by the way. I am really hoping you give me the tickets. The XX is my favorite band ever since I heard them in Europe last year.

  208. Jeanny S.

    the site is pretty cool! cool beans. :)

  209. Haamid Hussainiyon

    Yeah! GRANADA THEATER show me some of the same lovin’ you always give me when im around BAYBAYY!

  210. Kendra H

    I loooooove the simplicity of the website. Actually, I think I find it easier to sort through what sort of shows I’m looking for as well since I usually lean more toward Indie Rock/Pop.

  211. Laura

    It would be nice if on your calendar, somehow the events were displayed in a visual manner. Like with their poster or something. The text only is a little boring. Make anything a square shape and it will probably look really good.


    I’m really happy that they were booked at Granada already and then blew up because of the Mercury Prize! Gives you guys some much deserved attention!

  212. PWWEASE :) I’ll purchase a bottle for the staff ;)

  213. Michelle

    Wow!! Sweet new site! Super stoked about the new online store, too. SO sad I missed out on tix to XX. Best venue (and now website) in DFW!

  214. Tihleigh

    I like it! I would also, incidentally, like tickets. :)

  215. cameron kraus

    Every time I hear the ‘xx axis’ in my construction class, I think of how much I would rather be listening to the xx – which I could do later today given certain circumstances…

  216. Tara

    Gimme…Gimme…Gimme!!! =)

  217. Annette

    Hello lover…(Granada). I will see you tonight!


  218. Adam

    New site looks much much better than previous…

  219. Paul

    Site looks good, would love the tickets!

  220. Layton

    I like the new site. Seems much more user friendly and allows for more listening and viewing music videos of who’s coming to the venue so you can get a feel for which shows you want to check out.

  221. This a truly great post and may be one that should be followed up to see what are the results

    A friend e-mailed this link the other day and I’m excitedly waiting your next article. Carry on on the amazing work.

  222. ha, I will experiment my thought, your post get me some good ideas, it’s truly awesome, thanks.

    - Mark

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