Here in the Dallas local scene, we like to help others out as much as possible. The temperatures can get pretty rough around winter time, that’s why we decided to bond together to form the Dallas Independent Venue Exchange (D.I.V.E) Coat Drive: a what-you-can-give acceptance of coat donations to help the less fortunate.

From now until November 23rd, you can stop by at any of these locations and drop off your coats:

All Good Cafe
City Tavern
Good Records
Granada Theater
Kessler Theater
La Grange
The Libertine Bar
Super Yoga Palace
Yes Go Productions (El Sibil)

No way you need all those coats, especially with this summers heatwave.   Being helpful and kind is always necessary, but especially during the holidays. Gather some coats next time you head out to one of these places for a drink, a show, exercisin’, whatever it may be. We’re all here to entertain, but also to help.

All venues will have coat drop boxes benefiting the needy until November 23rd. All coats will be donated towards the Genesis Womens Shelter and Austin Street Shelter here in Dallas. If you believe in Karma or even if you don’t, be a good person and support a great cause.

2 Responses to D.I.V.E Coat Drive: Dallas Locals Reaching Out

  1. jimifreek

    This is just another supporting reason as to why I frequent the sponsoring venues! Thanks for caring about our community!

    Cheers dude!!

  2. Awesome event guys! I have posted a blog article about this event on my blog! Sharing the love!

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