You expect a Sleigh Bells show to rock your world, and they do not disappoint. The explosive sound of Sleigh-pocalypse knocked a bottle of Kahlua off the bar, a full 50 feet from the stage. Their show is 1000 arms-in-the-air for an hour awesome. But I was most impressed with what I saw from Alexis Krauss after the show, hanging out in the parking lot, passing out bear hugs by the dozen. I think every young girl at Granada found her way to the back lot. All looking up to Alexis with the wonderful eyes only the young can have for a star. For performers, moments like that can be more time consuming and take more energy than the stage show itself. It can be exhausting city after city, and the only reward in greeting fans is knowing they went home feeling special. And there is Alexis on her own, after hours, greeting each eager face with genuine warmth and acceptance. Her friendly eyes scanning for those too timid to work their way to the barricade and inviting them forward. Her kind voice graciously prompting ones so frozen with excitement they couldn’t remember if they were there to make a comment, get a photo or ask for her autograph. For some fans a connection like that can be a landmark experience. Alexis seems dialed in to the power of making a nurturing connection in that moment and she was a broadcast tower of emotional generosity. From my vantage point, it didn’t look like she had anywhere in the world she would rather be, than sharing that rock-star turned big-sister moment with the young Dallas girls that idolize her. Perhaps that was her schoolteacher streak shining through. She was still hugging away when I was making tracks for the after party and I think that makes Alexis pretty damn awesome.

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