Since the opening on the Granada Theater in 2004, our in-house photographer; Bill Ellison that has been taking some amazing pictures.  He’s captured everyone from Adele and the Black Keys to Blondie and Adam Ant. Not only shooting the typical stage shots, Bill also includes unique shots from the artist’s tour bus, to their devoted fans, to the artist footwear. Because of his work with these artists Bill’s flickr account has reached over 1 million views and his youtube account is almost at 2 million views. Not only do we showcase his photos on our Facebook page, Bill’s work has been picked up by national magazines including Drum Magazine.


Bill started attending shows at the Granada Theater and began shooting for free to hone his craft. Over the years, his love of photography and live music as turned into a job working at the Best Live Music Venue of Dallas.  Below are some of his favorite shots he’s taken over the last eight years.

Happy Birthday Bill!  Here’s to many, many more!

Bill 13


bill 12 Bill 11 Bill 10 Bill 9 bill 8 bill 7 bill 6 bill 5 bill 4 Bill 3 bill 2 bill 1














One Response to The Man behind the Lens- Bill Ellison

  1. Lori Falk

    Hi Bill, I have pretty awesome pictures I like to send you. Actually I would love a part time job working under you. I am a bilingual kindergarten teacher by day and picture taker everytime I get. Please let me know how I can get my pictures to you.

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