The Breaking Bad season premiere party is just one month away on August 11th!
We’re showing it on the Big screen at Granada Theater! FREE!
And we ‘ve got some surprises in store. Remember, we had the blue crystal candy!

Seating is 1st come, 1st serve.  No reservations but should have plenty of room.


No cover! Overflow seating at Sundown at Granada, on the rooftop and in the bar!

We will be screening three shows in total. An old BB episode, the season premiere, and then the recap episode.

6:00p – Doors – Breaking Bad Trivia – Music of Breaking Bad
7:00p – Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 8 “Gliding Over All”
7:50p – Special Granada SUprise
8:00p – Breaking Bad season 5 Part 2 premiere
9:00p – Talking Bad Episode Recap Show

The “Blue Ice” cocktail

Pollos Hermanos Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Walter White Pepperoni Roof Pizza
Taco Cabeza Brisket Tacos

AMC will air a special weekly, half-hour live after show to accompany the conclusion of its Emmy Award-winning series, Breaking Bad. Talking Bad will analyze and dissect every detail of Breaking Bad’s final eight episodes beginning Sunday, August 11. Talking Bad will air directly after each episode!

We will also be showing the Season Finale at Granada and all episodes on the Rooftop at Sundown!  Let’s find out what really happens to Walt & Jesse….and I guess Hank!


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