The XX is playing Feb 13th and 14th, and though both shows are sold out, we’re giving away some extra tickets we’ve dug up.

So, on Sunday Feb. 10th we’re having a special Dating Game event at Sundown at Granada,  hosted by comedienne Chelsea Hood and Mavs ManiAAC Drew Lyons.

Contestants will be given giftcards for dinner at Sundown, and the winning contestants will be given free tickets to see The XX play their sold out show at Granada Theater!

There will be two rounds, one for a bachelor and one for a bachelorette, both choosing from three suitors (you know, exactly like the old Dating Game TV show).

If you’ve missed your chance to buy tickets to The XX, or you’re looking for a date for Valentine’s Day, this is your chance to fix both of those in one night!  We’re looking for eight singles (four girls, four guys).  Just email management@granadatheater.com with the subject line “The XX Dating Game”, and answer our short questionnaire:

1.) What night you want to see The xx
2.) Why you want to be on The Dating Game
3.) A link to your Facebook page
4.) What you’re seeking in an ideal date
5.) And, your favorite song by The xx

Now, if you’ve already got tickets (or you just wanna see a match made in front of your very eyes) you’re absolutely invited to come and be part of the audience for this event.   We promise this’ll be great fun, and we’re frankly just excited to play matchmaker and give away free stuff!  Hope to see you all there!



3 Responses to The XX Dating Game

  1. 1. Either night, I just want to see them!! :)
    2.I need a date for V-day! Single lady!!
    3. http://www.facebook.com/3staceyg
    4. Comedy show/concert and drinks!!
    5. VCR is my favorite song!

  2. 1.) What night you want to see The xx? February 13th, either night really.

    2.) Why you want to be on The Dating Game? I think it would be interesting and fun at the very least and I could meet someone pretty fantastic. Finding someone that I want to take out more than twice has been a difficult search in the last 6 months.

    3.) A link to your Facebook page? http://www.facebook.com/tichaelmodd

    4.) What you’re seeking in an ideal date? Thai food, then drinks somewhere else, then a late night movie at my place or hers.

    Her: I’ve got high standards. She has to be an intellectual and intelligent, sexy and in shape/healthy, knows how to be herself, isn’t up-tight, artistic somewhat. She’d definitely have to be outgoing somewhat and definitely independent. Also good taste in music like The XX.

    5.) And, your favorite song by The xx? “VCR”

  3. Timmy

    Lets do this!! XX style!!

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