This is the part where Europe’s “The Final Countdown” begins playing in your head and the Dallas Mavericks are running (or walking) in slo-mo mode in unison. The Dallas Mavericks are back and you no longer have to wonder about how excited we are about this upcoming season. In fact, we’re so excited that we’ve >> Read More




The whole season boils down to this. If you’re wondering where to watch the game in Dallas, we’re keeping it a tradition and hosting two watch parties for the big game on Sunday at both Granada & Sundown. Whether you’re a Seahawks or Broncos fan, we’ve whipped up a few specials to make your experience >> Read More




“Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.” The Sundown at Granada has teamed up with Red Bull to host a roof top screening of the 1986 boss ass  film Top Gun, April 23 at 9 p.m., to support Dallas signups for the Red Bull Flugtag competition.  With Val Kilmer in town who knows who >> Read More



Win Butler

Get ready for a Sundown at Granada watch party for the NCAA Championship Game on Monday, April 8. The Sundown bartenders will be knocking down $3 drafts from beyond the arc all night long during the watch party. Think Steph Curry at Davidson and not that asshole J.J. Reddick. Basically, Granada Theater is totally stung with >> Read More




It’s been one hell of a season for The Walking Dead. There have been twists & turns and of course some vicious zombie attacks. It all wraps up on Easter Sunday March 31st. And as we are wont to do, we are throwing a party to celebrate! On the rooftop of Sundown at Granada, we >> Read More




Sunday night kicks off Season 5 of Breaking Bad and Sundown will be hosting watching parties on their rooftop patio at 9 PM for every episode. There will be a “blue ice” cocktail (really) and happy hour specials ($3 texas beers). If you are like us, you are hooked on this show. Below are my >> Read More




The Mavs did it! Last Sunday, Mavericks fans celebrated the big win in a big way at Granada. Fans piled into the theater to watch the veteran team take down the Heat in Game 6. Appendages flew and cheers grew as the crowd celebrated the Mavs domination of the last minute of the game.   >> Read More



Ron Washington Celebrates

Come on out and watch the Rangers this week at Granada Theater!  What a better way to watch sports than with 500 fans going crazy with you.  I can’t imagine one. Call 214-824-9933 or email management@granadatheater.com to reserve seats for FREE! Great food! Huge screens! Bucket of beer specials! $3 Wells, $4 Domestics, $5 Imports, >> Read More